Saturday, March 7, 2015

Should Illycafé Compete With Starbucks?

Even though this move makes them a late entrant in the single-serve coffee market, should Ilycafé be competing with Starbucks? 

By: Ringo Bones

To the coffee connoisseur, Illycafé is more known for producing high-end cappuccino and espresso drink capsules that with the currently Starbucks dominated single-serve coffee market. Illcafé now produces filter capsules specifically designed to deliver the famed – but somewhat esoteric to the rest of the world – Illycafé coffee to a wider market place. President and company CEO Andrea Illy was praised for the use of recyclable materials for its espresso filter capsules that sets them apart from their competitors. In the highly competitive single-serve coffee market, Illycafé offers something different and environmentally friendly indeed. 

In Trieste, Italy, the Adriatic port town famed for introducing Europe to coffee, Illycafé got its first start back in 1933 when company founder Francesco Illy developed the modern espresso machine. The company’s story is still being written today by President and CEO Andrea Illy representing a third generation of Illy family leadership. Hopefully, the rest of the world at large will now be enjoying the famed Illycafé coffee with the same convenience as going into a Starbucks shop. 

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