Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Some Few Oft Talked About Coffee Myths

They might seem believable but is there any truth to the most talked about coffee myths that we encounter on a daily basis?

By: Ringo Bones 

There may be more of them out there and some of them we might know of in the near future, but is there any truth of these so-called coffee myths? As of late, there are some that has been discussed by various medical doctors who appeared in popular TV talk shows and some of them are as follows: 

Coffee dehydrates the body – its diuretic effects are only mild but coffee can legitimately be counted as your “daily water intake quota” - at least according to a doctor who looks after US troops stationed in Iraq. But an extra cup of coffee does increases your chances of visiting the bathroom within the next half an hour.
Milk with coffee is a cure for sensitive stomachs - As of late, doctors recommend cool water as a better cure for sensitive stomachs than milk with coffee. Although milk with coffee can “relieve” the burning sensation of that extra hot chili dish way better than cool water. 

Coffee causes heart pains – if you only drink one or two cups of coffee daily and have no preexisting heart condition, then its okay. According to the latest medical research, sugars and artificially produced hydrogenated fats are more dangerous to your heart than the caffeine content of one or two cups of coffee a day. Two much sugar could even increase ones chances of getting Type-II diabetes. 

Pregnant women shouldn’t drink coffee – even though in laboratory test animals caffeine doesn’t transfer from the mother’s bloodstream to the unborn’s placenta thus minimizing any potential teratogenic side effects of coffee, we humans tend to err on the side of discretionary caution when it comes to this so called coffee myth. Not that there’s anything wrong with it though. 

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